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San Diego, California - The 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard app is now available in an Android version, at the Google Play store.

As the 80BREAKR's iOS version has been perfected and gained great traction with golfers, golf courses and PGA pros, we've officially released the Android version. It initially offers all the basic features of the iOS version. But 80BREAKR will quickly roll out advanced features on the Android version, until it's identical to the iOS version.

"My team and I are very excited to be releasing the Android version of 80BREAKR," says Thomas Stewart, Founder of 80BREAKR. "The initial plan was to make the best & easiest golf scorecard for iPhones first, get feedback, perform extensive tests, and see how golfers felt about 80BREAKR™.  We released 14 iOS versions in the last 3 years adding always-on scorecard GPS, Betting Modes, posting for a USGA handicap, faster scoring, and a streamlined navigation throughout the app.  Golfers love the 80BREAKR™ app, golf courses love it even more, and so we knew last fall it was time to get the android version out.  I want to thank my fantastic team for all they have achieved getting the 80BREAKR™ app working so well on iOS and now releasing the best golf scorecard app available on Android!"

80BREAKR is the only app that looks and works like a scorecard, but incorporates everything the latest mobile devices can do for you. It's ease-of-use lets golfers focus on their game, instead of the app. Without any annoying screen changes, it features easy score entry and an at-a-glance screen, including score, competition, betting and GPS distance to the center of the green.


Android 80BREAKR™ Overview

80BREAKR™ is how a scorecard should work: A design so clean & easy to use, you won't know it's there.

Focus on your golf game, not your golf app.  Download for FREE right now!