Rochester, Minnesota - October 11, the Human Rights Campaign celebrates National Coming Out Day. The campaign encourages LGBTQ people to come out, because it still matters. Dr. John Knudsen, a Mayo Clinic radiologist, wants all LGBTQ people to also come out to their health care provider, because their health matters.

Washington, DC - New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) indicate the adult obesity rates in the United States are now a staggering 40 percent while youth obesity rates grew to 20 percent for 12-to-19-year-olds. An all-time high, these rates and the persistent disparities across different race-ethnicity groups further elevate public health concerns about how our nation can prevent and reduce obesity. As the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, the American Heart Association is alarmed by the growing impact record high obesity rates contribute to heart and brain health.

New York - The American Heart Association (AHA) CEO Roundtable today releases “Resilience in the Workplace,” an evidence review report with practical guidance for employers looking to implement resilience training programs. With two-thirds of employees citing work as a significant source of stress,1 employers are seeking novel approaches like resilience training to improve employee’s overall health, productivity and organizational performance. The CEO Roundtable is the AHA’s leadership collaborative with 30-plus member CEOs who represent some of the nation’s largest employers who are committed to applying evidence-based approaches to improve their employees’ overall health.

Scottsdale, Arizona - An intervention can motivate someone to seek help for alcohol or drug misuse, compulsive eating, or other addictive behaviors. Discover when to hold one and how to make it successful.

Rochester, Minnesota - Advancements in individualized medicine are offering health care providers new tools to quickly and accurately diagnose, treat, predict and, eventually, prevent disease. Keith Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., Carlson and Nelson Endowed Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine, today outlined five new ways individualized medicine has moved from the research lab into clinical care. Dr. Stewart made his statements during the opening of the 2017 "Individualizing Medicine Conference: Advancing Care Through Genomics" in Rochester.

Washington, DC - When a group of naturalized Americans from The Gambia tried to help overthrow the government of their West African homeland in 2014, they thought they would be hailed as heroes. Not only did they fail, they were charged in the United States under the Neutrality Act—a little-known federal law that prohibits Americans from waging war against friendly nations.