Washington, DC - This Veterans Day, Food Tank brings you 18 initiatives from around the United States that are working to help veterans transition to healthy, productive civilian lives through farming and agriculture.

Washington, DC - Thursday's passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through the House Ways and Means Committee is an important step toward providing historic tax relief for the American people.

Washington, DC - “We will not rest until all of America’s great veterans can receive the care they so richly deserve.  Tremendous progress has been made in a short period of time.” ~ President Donald J. Trump

Escondido, California - Winston, the oldest breeding male gorilla in the United States, is resting Thursday, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park after undergoing a thorough medical exam that included an in-depth assessment of his heart. The assessment was made after animal care staff noticed a decline in his general health earlier this year, when he showed nonspecific signs of illness, such as lethargy and decreased appetite. After an initial exam and supportive therapies, animal care professionals, in collaboration with colleagues from the Great Ape Heart Project, made the decision to perform a more in-depth analysis to determine the cause of his condition and afford him the opportunity to thrive with his troop for the foreseeable future.

Washington, DC - Last Sunday was a day vomited up from the belly of hell itself. Satan paraded into the wide-open streets of Sutherland Springs, Texas and tried to annihilate a small God loving, Bible preaching church. He literally stormed into that church and tried to obliterate that congregation. In effect that same enemy in so many ways shook his fist and aimed his fiery gun of extinction at your church, your pulpit, your ministry and all you have ever wanted to do and be for Jesus Christ.

Washington, DC - On October 26, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM), a body established by unanimous decision of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), concluded that the Assad regime is responsible for the use of sarin in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017. We have full trust in the JIM’s findings, its professionalism and independence. The Syrian regime violated international law, including the Chemical Weapons Convention. We condemn this heinous act and demand that the Syrian regime immediately cease any and all use of chemical weapons and finally declare to the OPCW all chemical weapons that it possesses.