Washington, DC - Every day our power needs fluctuate causing grid operators to make quick decisions to balance the grid. This can happen on hot summer days when people are turning on their air conditioners or in the middle of winter when they crank up the heat. Either way, grid operators must find a way to meet rapid spike in energy demands.

Sacramento, California - Northern California’s historic wildfires last month scorched more than 240,000 acres of land, killed 42 people, and caused billions of dollars of insurance losses.

Escondido, California - Today marks a big step for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s tiger cub twosome. The approximately 3-month-old, rescued Bengal tiger cub and his 4-month-old companion, a Sumatran tiger cub that came to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, are settling in nicely to their new home at the Tull Family Tiger Trail. The two cubs were previously spending time at the Safari Park’s Ione and Paul Harter Animal Care Center, but now they are living exclusively at the Tull Family Tiger Trail habitat.

Washington, DC - More than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes – and each one is the most important member of their diabetes care team. This National Diabetes Month, I urge everyone with diabetes to make your care a joint effort between you, your loved ones and your health care team.

Washington, DC - The good news is that Social Security beneficiaries will get a 2% boost in their checks in 2018 compared to the stingy three-tenths-of one-percent increase awarded in 2017, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].  "And, of course you will recall that in 2016 the Obama Administration saw fit to skip paying out a cost of living raise completely."

Washington, DC - The National Institutes of Health has launched PregSource, a research project that aims to improve knowledge of pregnancy by collecting information directly from pregnant women. The project will explore physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery and will identify distinct challenges faced by subgroups of women, such as those with physical disabilities. By offering a more comprehensive picture of the pregnancy experience - from normal pregnancies to those complicated by disease or other factors - PregSource promises to inform strategies for improving maternal care in the United States.