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Millington, Tennessee - Sailors seeking career assistance will soon receive greater support from Navy Personnel Command’s (NPC) Customer Service Center (CSC) as it transitions to round-the-clock service beginning September 24.

The CSC, which currently operates Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Central Time, is integrating with MyNavy Portal to become the MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) contact center, available 24/7.

“The establishment of MNCC contact center is a significant milestone in our plan to deliver an enhanced customer experience to Sailors and their families,” said Rear Adm. Jeffrey Hughes, commander, NPC.

"Our approach for the design of this call/transaction support center is to replicate the customer service practices of leading service providers in the private sector. This is a manifestation of a tremendous culture shift to ensure our focus is on the needs of Sailors and their families – you are the customer.” Hughes said. “Our intent is to both make it easier for you to conduct pay and personnel transactions and to improve our timeliness and accuracy in response.  We want you to focus your precious time on becoming more lethal warfighters and achieving better life-work balance."

Updates to the current contact center’s infrastructure and facilities in Millington are well underway to support the contact center’s expansion. The number of agents trained to respond to requests for assistance from Active and Reserve Sailors, retirees, and family members will also increase.

“The transition includes growing the number of customer service agents to 200 to improve our responsiveness,” said Alaina Eblen, operations lead, Project Management Department, NPC Information Management Office (IMO).

“We’re expanding to provide a single point of inquiry so you don’t have to guess who to call,” she said. “Call us and we will either answer your question, or we will get your request transferred to the subject-matter expert who can resolve the problem. We will be tracking those requests and making sure your issue is resolved.”

To support this customer service cultural shift, MNCC contact center also comes with an updated functional structure reinforcing it. With MNCC and MyNavy Portal integration comes a three-tiered level of service, explained James Christy, director, Project Management Department, NPC IMO.

“MyNavy Portal is Tier Zero,” he said. “If you need greater support than what is available through self-service in our ever-expanding suite of services in MyNavy Portal, then you contact the MNCC contact center (Tier One), which is us.”

Examples of Tier Zero actions that Sailors will be able to initiate themselves include: viewing, verifying, and, if necessary, initiating a correction to their personal data, which is centralized in MNP under “My Record” data; submitting a data record correction request and attaching supporting documentation; and submitting an electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR/1306) to request spouse co-location, consecutive overseas tours or to extend a Projected Rotation Date; to name a few.

Tier One, the MNCC contact center, will be the initial customer service point of contact for the Sailor, retiree, or dependent beyond the self-service level.

“If we can’t directly resolve your problem, then we transfer you to Tier Two, which is the subject-matter expert who can answer your question,” Eblen said, adding, “MNCC contact center is the cornerstone in Navy customer service efforts, taking self-service and linking it up to subject-matter experts for action,” Eblen said.

“When the transition happens in late September, Sailors will have access to more features and better awareness of the status of their request,” said Ann Stewart, director, Pay and Personnel Management. Although the customer service capability of the MNCC contact center will be an improvement, it will not completely replace the functions of command administrative support personnel. “As the transition progresses, Sailors will still work with their Command Pay and Personnel Administrators (CPPAs) to process parts of their pay-and-personnel paperwork.”

This contact center improvement will ultimately consolidate transactional support to standardize quality of service, improve efficiency, and simplify management – and it is designed to evolve to take on even greater functionality to better support the customer base.

“As we receive feedback from Sailors and gain more insight and experience into what services Sailors need, we’ll add more capability to the MNCC contact center,” Stewart said.