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Schuyler, Nebraska - Two guys got up early one morning recently to clean up after Platte River floodwaters near Schuyler, receded recently. And, as fate would have it, they were well rewarded at the end of a hard day’s work, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Gayland Stouffer and Kyle Simpson, parched from their labors, spotted what turned out to be a refrigerator as they made their way across a field as they headed home. The fridge turned out to be chock full of ice-cold beer.  Photos they posted on Facebook went viral and the owner of the fridge, Brian Healy, saw the post and recognized it as his. Healy told the Omaha World-Herald that the give-away was that it was packed with the proper ratio of Bud Light beer and Busch Light beer. Simpson promised to return the fridge to Healy, “minus a couple of beers.”