Washington, DC - Proposed Regulation Impacting Trade and Exports - Mexico (Alcoholic beverages, mezcal (HS 2208.90.05) MEX/301)

The notified draft Mexican Official Standard establishes technical requirements governing the appellation of origin "Mezcal", which is owned by the Mexican State under the Industrial Property Law. The draft Standard has been issued pursuant to the following: the second article of the "Resolution granting the protection provided for in the Industrial Property Law to the appellation of origin "Mezcal", which is applicable to the alcoholic beverage of the same name", published on 28 November 1994 in the Mexican Official Journal; the subsequent amendments to the aforementioned Resolution; and paragraphs II, XII, XV and XVIII of Article 40 of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization. In order to meet the specifications laid down in this draft Mexican Official Standard, the manufacture of the product covered by the Standard must comply with the relevant laws and involve the use of raw materials and ingredients of sanitary quality and the application of good manufacturing practices that ensure the product is fit for human consumption.

Final Comment Date: May, 04, 2016