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Washington, DC - The Pacific Alliance countries of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru have selected 60 of their most dynamic entrepreneurs to participate in the Latin America IdEA Partnership (“La Idea”) Incubator Program. The selection is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State under the auspices of U.S. observership in the Pacific Alliance. The La Idea Incubator Program supports the creation of new, innovative companies with high-growth potential.

The program offers entrepreneurs in the Pacific Alliance special access to the U.S. network of business incubators to facilitate mutual investment opportunities and to support the Alliance’s visionary efforts to build the next generation of innovative, globally competitive companies.

In early 2015, the selected entrepreneurs will travel to the United States to receive highly specialized training in a two-week session focused on either agribusiness, health services, or advanced manufacturing. Participants will also be able to share experiences and explore business partnerships with U.S. and Pacific Alliance counterparts. Upon returning to their country, they will be better equipped to grow their company and create jobs in their local communities as well as access international markets.

The United States became an observer to the Pacific Alliance in July 2013 and has engaged with Alliance members to support practical efforts to integrate markets and pursue strong economic policies. As key bilateral partners, the United States and the Pacific Alliance members have longstanding cooperation to expand free markets, reduce inequality, open trade, and welcome foreign investment.

Between 2012 and 2014, the United States has signed bilateral memoranda of understanding with each member country on cooperation to promote entrepreneurship and small business growth. The La Idea Incubator Program follows through on these commitments and reinforces strong U.S. economic relations and the free trade agreements with each Pacific Alliance member country.

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