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Imperial, California - It's not often you see a teary-eyed cop in New York City, but the Big Apple was full of them when 10-year-old Texan Savannah Solis visited.  The young girl has been sending hundreds of "love letters" to NYPD officers ever since the hateful, unprovoked murder of on-duty officers Ramos and Liu last December "just because they were cops," according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.

"She just couldn't understand how someone could do this to these officers that were risking their lives to protect the public," said one police officer on the scene.  He and his brothers and sisters in blue raised the money to invite Savannah to the City in an effort to say how much they appreciated her gesture.

"My goal is to tell as many police officers as I can that I love them, and I am thankful for all that they do for us," Savannah explained.

At a formal ceremony to celebrate Savannah's visit, young Miss Solis shared her motivation for her impromptu good deed with police brass and patrol men and women.  She called them "my heroes" and went on to say that "many do not care or appreciate the sacrifices you make every day, but I do.  Officers of New York City, you matter to me. Officers all across America, you matter to me."