Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia reports that three more bills advance to the Senate:

AB 2124 – Safe Drinking Water:  This bill sets a framework under the State Water Resources Control Board to allocate grants to schools for the purpose of installing water filling stations.  A $10 million allocation for this newly established grant program is being negotiated through the state Budget.  The bill passed with bipartisan support 66-0.

“With the implantation of AB 2124 it needs to be clear that our overall objective is to invest in infrastructure projects that will benefit disadvantaged communities,” said Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.  “Investing in projects like these bring multiple co-benefits to be able to chip away at economic disparities, safe clean drinking water, and improve the lives of children in our schools.”

AB 2715 – Farmworker Energy Efficient Program:  This bill would require the Department of Community Services and Development to develop and administer, the Agricultural Working Poor Energy Efficient Housing Program.  Specifically AB 2715 ensures that farmworkers who are homeowners are provided with tools to sustain an energy efficient home.  The bill passed with bipartisan support 70-0.

“California’s farmworkers are the backbone of a $46 billion agricultural industry that provides fresh fruit and vegetables to America and the entire world,” said Garcia. “And yet, California’s 800,00 low-income farmworkers cannot afford to reduce their reliance on carbon intensive energy sources.  Policy and resources such as this bill are necessary.”

AB 2900 – Small Business Centers Reporting:  This bill establishes reporting requirements for state contracts with federal small business technical assistance centers, including information on the number and types of businesses served.  The bill passed with bipartisan support 68-0

“Organizations like the Small Business Development Centers and the Veterans Center are an effective way to partner on the delivery of programs and services to all areas of the state,” said Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia. “This bill ensures the necessary reporting to identify gaps and understand where technical assistance programs are most effective.”