Washington, DC - The Department of Justice has announced a pilot program that will allow – for the first time – federally deputized task force officers to use body-worn cameras while serving arrest warrants, or other planned arrest operations, and during the execution of search warrants. The Department of Justice, through its law enforcement agencies, partners with state, local and tribal law enforcement on hundreds of federal task forces throughout the nation. Together, these task forces work to combat violent crime, stem the flow of illegal narcotics and arrest dangerous fugitives. Several of the Department’s partner state and local agencies require their officers to wear body-worn cameras and have requested their officers wear these cameras on federal task forces when the use of force is possible.

Washington, DC - Attorney General William P. Barr and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson Monday issued a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two agencies that sets prudential guidance on the appropriate use of the False Claims Act (FCA) for violations by Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lenders.

Washington, DC - Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2020:

Washington, DC - Throughout the month of November, we come together as one country to acknowledge the challenges faced by Americans struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, while also pledging our support for the compassionate individuals who care for the men and women living with this devastating condition.  As we solemnly remember the family and friends we have lost to this deadly disease, we vow never to relent in our determination to find a cure.

Washington, DC - Considering that secure fifth generation wireless communications networks (5G) will be vital to both prosperity and national security in the near future, the United States and Estonia declare their desire to strengthen our cooperation on 5G.  5G will enable a vast array of new applications, including the provision of advanced critical services to the public, which will benefit our citizens and our economies.  Increased amounts of data on 5G networks will further interconnect the economies of all countries, including the United States and Estonia and facilitate cross-border services and commerce. 

Washington, DC - Throughout our American story, the trailblazers who have been willing to take great risks and chart new frontiers have changed the landscape of business, science, and technology, often setting the global pace for productivity and prosperity.  Their relentless pursuit of success has launched new industries, created millions of jobs, and fueled an economy that is the envy of the world.  During National Entrepreneurship Month, we recognize the men and women who have turned their passion into innovation, and we pledge to continue fostering economic freedom so the next generation of transformational entrepreneurs is able to unlock their full potential.