Washington, DC - The Department of Justice announced a proposed rule that would implement President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13831 (May 3, 2018), remove regulatory burdens on religious organizations, and ensure that religious and non-religious organizations are treated equally in DOJ-supported programs.  The proposed rule ensures that DOJ-supported social service programs are implemented in a manner consistent with the Constitution and other applicable federal law.

New York - A criminal complaint was filed Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, charging Mimi Ould Baba, 32, a citizen of Mali, with the murder of U.S. citizen Michael J. Riddering and conspiring to provide material support, including personnel (including himself), services, and property to two designated foreign terrorist organizations, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and al-Murabitoun.  The defendant is currently in custody in Mali pending investigation and prosecution by Malian authorities.

Englewood, Colorado - “Apollo Global Management, the new owner of the former Northwest Broadcasting stations, has recently been warning its viewers that they may lose their local channels on DISH. Apollo, which is in contract renewal talks with DISH, has been demanding nearly double its current rate to carry its stations. DISH is doing everything in its power to strike a fair deal on behalf of customers.

Washington, DC - The Department of Justice announced several significant developments in the implementation of the First Step Act (FSA) in a report published Wednesday.

Washington, DC - Yesterday, the Department of State designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hassan Shahvarpour, Khuzestan Province’s Vali Asr Commander, for his involvement in gross violations of human rights against protestors during the November protests in Mahshahr, Iran. According to multiple media reports and information submitted by the Iranian people through the Department of State’s Rewards for Justice tip-line, IRGC units under Shahvarpour’s command killed as many as 148 Iranians when they encircled fleeing protestors in armored vehicles, firing machine guns into the crowd and lighting fire to the marsh in which the protestors took cover.

Miami, Florida - Two Peruvian men pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud for operating a large fraud and extortion scheme, the Department of Justice announced.