Category: Imperial Valley

Imperial, California - Yesterday, Congressman Juan Vargas, Imperial County’s congressional representative, introduced a milestone piece of legislation for the advancement of the county titled the Imperial Valley Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2015, also known as H.R. 4060.

“We’ve been striving for this for many years now, which started with Senator Feinstein, but we’re glad to see that the plan is still alive and we’re grateful and appreciative of Congressman Vargas’ efforts to support and help the Valley prosper,” stated District 5 Supervisor Ray Castillo.  “Should this bill pass, it will be a real game changer for the region.”

The passage of this bill will influence the future of the county’s economic development by encouraging growth and enabling the creation of a cargo airport in Holtville; making the city of Holtville a hub for the transportation of goods and services.  The bill would transfer 3,500 acres of Bureau of Land Management land to the County of Imperial to increase the runway space of the current Holtville airport.  Additionally, the bill would create the Vinagre Wash Special Management Area to protect habitat, wildlife, and cultural resources, while creating new recreational areas.

This is the first time that legislation proposing these changes has been introduced in the House of Representatives.  Although there are additional steps that the piece of legislation must endure before passage, the County will work closely with Congressman Vargas and other federal legislators to ensure passage of the bill.