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Sacramento, California - Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia held his first of two select committee hearings today in the State Capitol with the Assembly Select Committee on Renewable Energy Development and Restoration of the Salton Sea. During the hearing the committee reviewed the Salton Sea’s geothermal resource in the context of the state’s renewable energy and climate goals.

“California has ambitious goals to increase its renewable energy use to 50%, and decrease greenhouse gasses to improve air quality. Today’s hearing gave committee members an opportunity to listen in and examine the largely untapped geothermal resource that surrounds the Salton Sea which can play a role in helping the state meet its goal. Although challenges exist, developing the geothermal potential at the Sea can also help and kick start the much needed restorations efforts,” said Assemblymember Garcia.

The Select Committee heard from industry experts about the many opportunities surrounding development of renewable energy around the sea while at the time addressing the current challenges many utilities are facing when it comes to the transmission and procurement of renewable energy.