Imperial, California - Polypharmacy has been identified as a new threat for old Americans, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.

New York Times writer Paula Span recently reported on the dangers of multiple doctors prescribing multiple medications and the mountain of new pills available for those who tend to self-medicate, says AMAC  She noted, for example, that Harvard researchers found that 39% of seniors over 65 take "five or more" pills a day.

Span also noted that the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, published a national study of individuals 62 to 85 year of age.  "More than a third were taking at least five prescription medications, and almost two-thirds were using dietary supplements, including herbs and vitamins. Nearly 40 percent took over-the-counter drugs."

Perhaps the issue needs to be openly addressed by patients and their families who might ask doctors to review their patients' medications on a regular basis.