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Sacramento, California - Parts of the Midwest are dealing with a serious and ongoing outbreak of avian influenza, so California is taking extra steps to protect birds here. Poultry farmers, veterinarians and the larger commercial community in general are aware of the additional requirements, which focus on inspecting and testing farms and flocks in the outbreak regions before they can send poultry and products to California.

The enhanced requirements will also evaluate the measures in place at the receiving farms and facilities here in our state. Details are available here.

Backyard Poultry

California’s rural communities – and many of its urban and suburban ones as well – are also home to backyard poultry kept by enthusiasts or for small-scale farming. For our backyard bird owners, here’s how you can help protect your flock and our communities:

To protect California poultry, CDFA personnel will actively enforce the enhanced entry requirements by monitoring border crossing reports, USDA-issued permits, and shipments of poultry and poultry products into California. CDFA personnel will follow up on any shipments of concern. Non-compliant shipments may be subject to fines and/or have poultry and poultry products quarantined, tested or destroyed.

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