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Sacramento, California - After formally requesting the involvement of the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) in the restoration of the Salton Sea the CA. State Water Board has formally announced and acted on Assemblymember Garcia’s request and slated a public hearing on the Salton Sea on March 18, 2015.

In his initial letter, Assemblymember Garcia praised the State Water agency for its previous work on water issues. He explained the urgency to convening an official hearing in order to press on the severity of the potential ecological consequences and economic impacts to the region if the Sea is not restored.

“I commend the State Water Board for acting swiftly and for considering my request on the Sea. As mentioned earlier,  the future of the Salton Sea is in our hands and any further delay on the Sea puts our entire region at risk for serious economic, environmental, and public health consequences,” stated Assemblymember Garcia.

“As the State Assemblymember for the Coachella Valley and Imperial Valley--I look forward to collaborating with the SWRCB and other QSA stakeholders from the region to making real progress in tackling the restoration of the Salton Sea,” said Garcia.

The official notice convening the Salton Sea Stakeholders Meeting by the State Water Resources Control Board is attached for review.