Falls Church, Virginia - The U.S. Navy's top doctor announced new strategic priorities for Navy Medicine, today.

Vice Adm. Forrest Faison, Navy surgeon general and chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), presented the new mission, vision, principles and priorities for Navy Medicine, with rapid change being the driving force.

"The world in which we operate is constantly changing," said Faison. "Our success depends on how well we adapt to those changes and continue to honor the trust placed in our hands every day to care for America's sons and daughters."

The Navy Medicine mission is keeping the Navy and Marine Corps family ready, healthy and on the job.

"My vision for the Navy and Marine Corps family is to have the best readiness and health in the world and that we provide the best care our nation can offer, whenever and wherever needed," Faison said.

Faison's strategy introduces new principles to guide Navy Medicine personnel as they work to accomplish the new mission and vision.

"Each principle requires active engagement of everyone in Navy Medicine, from the most junior Corpsmen, to our most senior flag officers," said Faison.

The strategy commits Navy Medicine to the following principles: honor the trust to care for America's sons and daughters, honor the uniform we wear and honor the privilege of leadership.

"The tradition of caring, compassion, hope and resolve is a Navy Medicine hallmark that our team will continue to carry on," said Faison. Readiness, health and partnerships are the new Navy Medicine priorities.

"These three pillars are the foundation to the changes to come within the enterprise," Faison said.

Readiness: We save lives wherever our forces operate - at and from the sea. The skills and capabilities of our medical teams are vital to operation. Navy Medicine will ensure that its people are trained and prepared to save lives at sea, above the sea, below the sea and ashore.

Health: We will provide the best care our nation can offer to Sailors, Marines, and their families to keep them healthy, ready and on the job. Convenience, experience of care and technology drive the health care decisions of many patients today. Navy Medicine's main focus is on providing patients with the best possible care and in ways acceptable to them.

Partnerships: We will expand and strengthen our partnerships to maximize readiness and health. Collaboration is critical in meeting the needs of the patient. Navy Medicine will strengthen its partnerships through incorporation of research, principles and practices of its operational colleagues.

"American families across the globe trust us with the health and well-being of their loved ones. This strategy is our guide as we chart the course ahead to better serve our Navy and Marine Corps team," said Faison.

Navy Medicine is a global health care network of 63,000 personnel that provide health care support to the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, their families and veterans in high operational tempo environments, at expeditionary medical facilities, medical treatment facilities, hospitals, clinics, hospital ships and research units around the world.