Las Vegas, Nevada - In order to protect consumers in our tech economy, we could use the help of some smart and creative technologists.  That’s why I’m headed to Las Vegas this week with members of the Office of Technology Research and Investigation and other FTC folks to attend BSidesLV  and DEF CON.  We want to learn from security and privacy researchers and let them know about our research interests. 

We will be speaking at various events this week, including a session on Friday afternoon in which Commissioner McSweeny and I will talk about upcoming FTC tech events and ways researchers can help the FTC protect consumers. 

FTC staff will be speaking at the following sessions:

  • August 2, 10 am: BSidesLV - Opening keynote, Lorrie Cranor
  • August 2, 12 pm: BSidesLV - Hire Ground, Lorrie Cranor
  • August 5, 11 am: DEF CON -  Meet the Feds, Lorrie Cranor
  • August 5, 1 pm: DEF CON - Research on the Machines: Help the FTC Protect Privacy & Security, Commissioner Terrell McSweeny & Lorrie Cranor
  • August 5, 4 pm: DEF CON IoT Village - Is Your Internet Light On?  Protecting Consumers in the Age of Connected Everything, Commissioner Terrell McSweeny & Joe Calandrino

Other FTC staff will also be attending. We’ll be walking around in our FTC shirts—please come find us and say hello!