Stanford, California - Computer software only recently became smart enough to recognize objects in photographs. Now, Stanford researchers using machine learning have created a system that takes the next step, writing a simple story of what's happening in any digital image.

Stanford, California - When it comes to spending quality family time together, text messaging doesn't have to be a villain. It could be an enabler.

Berkeley, California - For the first time in 30 years, a new species of mushroom has been discovered on the UC Berkeley campus, to the delight of the researchers who found it.

Berkeley, California - With the gusto of wine enthusiasts in a tasting room, Philip Stark and Tom Carlson eye, sniff and sample their selections, pronouncing them “robust,” “lovely,” “voluptuous” - and even “just beyond words.” The undergraduate students with them flock close, curious.

Berkeley, California - The UC Board of Regents voted to authorize systemwide tuition increases of up to 5 percent per year through 2019-20, an amount President Janet Napolitano said could be reduced or eliminated entirely if the state provides sufficient revenue.

Los Angeles, California - The FBI and law enforcement partners are seeking information from the public that leads to the identity of an unidentified male suspect wanted for armed bank robberies in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo Counties. The suspect was given the moniker “Beachcomber Bandit” since both robberies occurred in beach cities, as follows: