Temecula, California - Wellington, FL - November 24, 2014 - Phelps Media Group is pleased to announce that renowned animal rescue and sanctuary, Villa Chardonnay Horses with Wings, of Temecula, California, has joined our family of clients.

Los Angeles, California - UCLA researchers have developed a perovskite photodetector that could reduce manufacturing costs and improve the quality of medical and commercial light sensors.

San Diego, California - “Selfie” was word of the year in 2013. Could “Nixie” be next? Maybe not right away, because Nixie a wrist-mounted drone designed to fly and take an aerial action-shot photo or video of its owner before coming back only just won Intel’s inaugural “Make It Wearable Challenge” this month.

Stanford, California - A child's brain in early elementary school goes through a dramatic transformation, first developing the ability to identify letters or numbers, then learning how to interpret those symbols in written words or math. That transformation comes about due to new connections being made and strengthened in the brain.

Davis, California - California’s approval of a $7.5 billion water bond has bolstered prospects for expanding reservoirs and groundwater storage, but the drought-prone state can effectively use no more than a 15 percent increase in surface water storage capacity because of lack of water to fill it, according to a new analysis released November 20.

Stanford, California - How old are you?

There's the biological answer, of course, but a cultural perspective gives us another way to respond. If we believe Robert Harrison, a professor of Italian literature at Stanford, people in our society are getting younger even as they continue to age.