Sacramento, California - Governor Gavin Newsom today issued the following joint statement by leading education organizations, including the California State Parent Teacher Association; California Teachers Association; California Federation of Teachers; California School Employees Association; SEIU California; Association of California School Administrators; California County Superintendents Educational Services Association; California School Boards Association; and California Charter Schools Association:

"Across California, school communities – students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and board members together – have worked tirelessly to keep schools both safe and in-person. California schools have been open because of, not despite of, our priority on safety. As we approach the new year, we reaffirm our shared commitment to one another, to our parents and to our students: to keep each other safe and to keep our classrooms open.” 

While California educates over 12% of the nation’s students, the state accounts for only 0.3% of school closures nationwide in the 2021-22 school year, according to the independent site Burbio.