Boston, Massachusetts - A quirky little -- really little -- house in Boston with a history that goes back to the Civil War was sold to the highest bidder for $1.25 million recently, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens. How little is it? 

At its widest point, it measures 10 feet, four inches. The four story structure is the epitome of perpendicular living, featuring two bedrooms, one bathroom, a very cozy kitchen, a great backyard and a nifty roof deck with a view of Boston Harbor. The house is kind of a landmark in Boston; it’s known as the “Spite House.” It is said that two brothers inherited a sizeable parcel of land during the Civil War. One of them served in the war and when he returned home he found that his brother had used up the lion’s share of the property to build his house. Legend has it that he took his revenge by spitefully building his own “Skinny House” on the land that was left in such a fashion as to block his greedy brother’s sunlight and view.