Imperial, California - America Newscape Presents the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Flight Demonstration Team set to Takeoff for it's 2021 Air Show schedule.

2021 Schedule:

APRIL 17 • 18 | Lakeland, FL | Sun N' Fun Aerospace Expo 24 • 25 | MCAS Beaufort, SC | MCAS Beaufort Airshow MAY 1 • 2 | NAS Corpus Christi, TX | Wings Over South Texas 8 • 9 | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Fort Lauderdale Air Show 15 • 16 | Melbourne, FL | Great Florida Air Show 26 • 28 | Annapolis, MD | USNA Flyover 29 • 30 | Latrobe, PA | Westmoreland County Air Show JUNE 5 • 6 | Lake Charles, LA | Chennault International Air Show 12 • 13 | La Crosse, WI | Deke Slayton Airfest 19 • 20 | Niagara Falls, NY | Thunder of Niagara 26 • 27 | Duluth, MN | Duluth Air and Aviation Expo JULY 3 • 4 | New Century, KS | KC Air Show 10 | Pensacola Beach, FL | Pensacola Beach Air Show 24 • 25 | Fargo, ND | Fargo AirSho 31 | Eielson AFB, AK | Arctic Lightning Air Show AUGUST 1 | Eielson AFB, AK | Arctic Lightning Air Show 7 • 8 | Seattle, WA | Boeing Seafair Air Show 14 • 15 | Owensboro, KY | Owensboro Air Show 21 • 22 | Chicago, IL | Chicago Air and Water Show 28 • 29 | London, Ontario, Canada | Air Show London SEPTEMBER 4 5 | JB Cape Cod, MA | Cape Cod Air Show 18 • 19 | NAS Oceana, VA | NAS Oceana Air Show 25 • 26 | MCAS Miramar, CA | MCAS Miramar Air Show OCTOBER 2 • 3 | Huntington Beach, CA | The Great Pacific Air Show 9 • 10 | San Francisco, CA | San Francisco Fleet Week 16 • 17 | Loveland, CO | The Great Colorado Air Show 23 • 24 | Fort Worth, TX | Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show 30 • 31 | Rome, GA | Wings Over North Georgia NOVEMBER 5 • 6 | NAS Pensacola, FL | NAS Pensacola Homecoming Air Show

I was a six year old boy when I first saw the Blue Angels in Michigan. I saw them, I didn't understand about the military, but I saw these airplanes fly by and I thought I want to do something like that. We'll never know how many kids like that we weren't able to touch this year and that's really a tragedy. - [Announcer] Good afternoon, Bob Wield here -- - [Narrator] Essentially uses the men and women of the fleet to bring the story of the Navy-Marine Corps to the backyards of places that don't traditionally have a Navy-Marine Corps presence. So our ability to take the story to young men and women around the country, inspire them, tell them our story, give them something to shoot for when they grow up is pretty profound and it's pretty special to be part of that. - [Man] Every member of this team comes from the fleet. They represent the men and women of the fleet and they go back to the fleet. - [Pilot] It's a complete honor to put on this blue flight suit every day and represent 500,000 Sailors and Marines out there day in and day out. Those are the guys out there that are protecting us and providing that blanket of freedom so we can sleep well at night. - [Man] Welcome back fellas, rock and roll. - When people come to see the show, they're wowed by all the maneuvers and everything they've seen. But what's really neat is everything they see in that 45 minute show is happening in the fleet around the world 24-7. We just represent what they're doing around the world. And every Sailor Marine that's on this team is essentially demonstrating the capability that's happening as we sit here right now. - [Pilot] Burners ready now. - [Both] Blue Angels are cool! - We were hoping that our daughter would get to see 'em. She loves airplanes. - When my boys were young we came here to see the Naval Air Station and the Blue Angels and I hope that my grandsons now get a chance to see the Blue Angels themselves. - I cannot wait for the Blue Angels to fly! - It's about as Americana as it gets. Having the Blue Angels do an airshow for you. - [All] We love the Blue Angels!

video footage courtesy of the Blue Angels 

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