Shreveport, Louisiana - Matt Loman has already saved his family and his village from famine, finding his life’s true purpose in the process. But the journey toward his ultimate destiny is far from over, and just two days into his much-anticipated honeymoon, a compelling voice in his dreams pleads with him to “come home.”

Following the voice, Matt embarks on an adventure that few could imagine, as he spars with a band of crazed warriors, gets stuck in an enormous web and is nearly torn to shreds by giant beasts. How will he explain his latest escapades to his beautiful young wife, Patience?

With the Kingdom of Truevine and all that is good threatened by evil forces, it’s up to Matt and Patience to push beyond their own strengths, draw upon their faith and find the answer to saving the kingdom and their lives. Will they find it in time?

Coming Home takes readers on a family-friendly journey filled with faith, suspense and sweet romance. Written by father-daughter authors Bruce and Vernae Ewing, Coming Home unfolds one adventure at a time, with colorful characters and clever challenges for Matt and Patience that subtly reinforce family values and inspire readers to seek out their own true purposes. Suitable for all ages, Coming Home is an immensely enjoyable read that makes the perfect choice for family story time.

Dr. Bruce Ewing has been a pastor for 48 years, with 28 of those spent as a military chaplain. He has been married to the love of his life, Valerie, for 47 years and is the father of two precious daughters, Brecia and Vernae. Dr. Bruce is a Marriage and Family Relationship Consultant, teacher of biblical principles and teller of stories. His love for God and family is the catalyst for his writing. Love healed his own heart, so he tells stories to inspire others to discover the same grace he has received.

Co-author and Dr. Bruce’s daughter Vernae Ewing Thompson holds a BS in marketing and an MBA. She is married to singer/songwriter Lance Thompson. Vernae is an actor, model, producer, director and business owner. She acquired her love for books and writing through her childhood experiences while listening to her father’s wild bedtime adventure stories and stories from the Bible.

Coming Home is the second installment in the popular Treasure Tree series. Watch for the next book, The Reign of War. For more information, please visit

Coming Home (Book 2 of the Treasure Tree series)

Publisher: High Bridge Books

ISBN: (Paperback): 978-1-946615-65-7

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