Washington, DC - Today, First Lady Melania Trump made an unannounced visit to The Mary Elizabeth House in Washington, D.C. to deliver a donation of boxed lunches, Be Best tote bags and other items. Facilities Managing Director, Mr. Kofi Graham, welcomed the First Lady upon her arrival. The visit follows the First Lady’s donation of vegetables and produce from the White House Kitchen Garden that was sent the previous week to the staff and residents of The Mary Elizabeth House.

The Mary Elizabeth House is a ministry community home devoted to providing life skills, counseling, educational and training resources to help at risk and vulnerable single mothers and their children. The Mary Elizabeth House helps to improves the lives of single or pregnant mothers, or young women currently in or aged out of the foster care system, to help to empower them to become more socially and emotionally stable and economically independent through training and other educational support services.

The boxed lunches, delivered safely and packaged securely, were prepared by White House chefs. During the unannounced visit, The First Lady met with staff of the Mary Elizabeth House, mothers and their children. Mrs. Trump spent time engaging with children at the community playground and handing out boxed lunches and Be Best items as a show of her appreciation for the work of the dedicated staff, and the families whom they serve, to create a supportive community and home for young women in and out of the child welfare system.  The First Lady spoke with staff members and young mothers about the importance of strengthening families and protecting children and her support for community-based prevention efforts. Mrs. Trump also discussed last week’s Executive Order signed by the President on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children and the direct impact it will have on the Mary Elizabeth House to promote child and family well-being, ensuring child safety, and achieving permanency of a forever family for children.

The First Lady continues to support programs that provide for the well-being of women and families and today’s visit is an expression of the First Lady’s thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide the much needed life-changing resources and care for mothers, children and families who have experienced challenges that place them at greater risk. Mrs. Trump thanked The Mary Elizabeth House for their tireless and necessary work and the important role they play in their community, stating: “It is important that, even in these challenging times, we find ways to help and connect with people and acknowledge the important work that is being done in countless communities across the United States. Ministries like The Mary Elizabeth House are providing the support and valuable life skills that help to serve and lift up families and their communities to keep our children safe.”