Washington, DC - "No effort will be spared to give America’s seniors the care and support and devotion and love they have earned and that they deserve." ~ President Donald J. Trump

LOWERING COST OF INSULIN FOR SENIORS: President Donald J. Trump and his Administration are lowering out-of-pocket insulin costs for Medicare’s seniors.

  • Under President Trump’s leadership, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is announcing that many Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans have applied to offer lower out-of-pocket insulin costs to seniors for the 2021 plan year.
  • Across the Nation, participating enhanced Part D plans will provide many seniors with Medicare access to a broad set of insulins at a maximum $35 copay for a month’s supply of each type of insulin.
  • In 2018, Medicare Part D also started covering newer insulin delivery devices, including both mechanical and electronic insulin pumps that are not covered under Part B.
  • Lowering out-of-pocket insulin costs will provide the many Medicare beneficiaries who rely on one or more common forms of insulin with plan options that will deliver critical relief.

IMPROVING CARE AND COST FOR SENIORS: President Trump is working to improve the accessibility, quality, and affordability of healthcare and prescription drugs for our Nation’s seniors. 

  • President Trump is committed to ensuring that older Americans receive the best quality healthcare at an affordable price.
  • Just last year, the President signed an Executive Order to empower seniors with more choice and access in healthcare and improve the fiscal sustainability of Medicare.
    • This order will eliminate unnecessary barriers and combat fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare, improving the program and maximizing freedom for patients and providers.
  • Average basic premiums for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are the lowest in 7 years and have fallen by 13.5 percent since 2017, saving beneficiaries $1.9 billion in premium costs.
    • Medicare Advantage premiums have also fallen 28 percent since 2017 to a 13-year low.
  • President Trump is committed to lowering the prices of prescription drugs for all Americans and has repeatedly called on Congress to act.

PROTECTING SENIORS DURING A PANDEMIC: President Trump is ensuring that our Nation’s seniors remain safe and have access to healthcare resources during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • President Trump has released his “Opening Up America Again” guidelines, which include instructions for States to take additional measures to protect the safety of senior citizens.
  • The Trump Administration has made it easier for America’s seniors to be tested for coronavirus while ensuring they are not burdened by the costs of these services.
  • Early in the outbreak, President Trump acted to dramatically expand Medicare telehealth coverage, ensuring seniors could access healthcare services from the safety of their own home.
  • The President has taken steps to improve the safety of our Nation’s nursing homes, including creating the Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes.
  • The Administration announced nearly $1 billion to support the needs of older Americans during the crisis, including home-delivered meals, in-home care services, and more.
  • Federal agencies are studying the effects of coronavirus on vulnerable populations and are working to improve the responsiveness of our healthcare system.