Washington, DC - First Lady Melania Trump met with teens associated with the Truth Initiative for an intimate discussion on youth vaping and the dangerous impact it is having among our children and within our schools and communities.  Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Eric Asche, of Truth Initiative, spoke briefly on their mission to encourage our next generation to live tobacco-free lives before turning it over to the teenagers to talk about their experiences with vaping.

The stories from Wednesday’s listening session exposed the dangerous health effects and addiction that comes with vaping and the seriously invasive ways that these products are getting into the hands of underage youth.  The First Lady engaged in the conversation, asking how teenagers are able to get access to the products and if there was enough support available to teens trying to break free from the habit.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway joined Mrs. Trump for the listening session held in the Blue Room of the White House.

“Today was about hearing from teenagers and understanding how these dangerous vaping products are getting into the hands of our children,” said First Lady Melania Trump.  “I was very impressed by their individual stories and especially their courage and willingness to talk about an experience, that was for some of them, a very tough and trying time that put them at odds with their peers.  These products should not be marketed to children and I applaud the schools and programs which are actively engaging with students on understanding the dangers that these products can bring.  Thank you to all the members of Truth Initiative who came today to talk about this serious issue.”