Washington, DC - Today, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) announced it is adding 13 additional counties across 12 states to its existing High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program.

Designation of these areas will facilitate coordination among Federal, State, local, and tribal law enforcement partners focused on disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking organizations. The newly designated counties, with the names of the existing HIDTA they will be joining, include:

  • Boyd County, Kentucky (Appalachia HIDTA)
  • Anderson County, Tennessee (Appalachia HIDTA)
  • Fayette County, West Virginia (Appalachia HIDTA)
  • Floyd County, Georgia (Atlanta/Carolinas HIDTA)
  • Allen County, Indiana (Indiana HIDTA)
  • Gloucester County, New Jersey (Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA)
  • Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA)
  • Oswego County, New York (New York/New Jersey HIDTA)
  • Olmsted County, Minnesota (North Central HIDTA)
  • Louis County, Minnesota (North Central HIDTA)
  • Warren County, Virginia (Washington/Baltimore HIDTA)
  • Josephine County, Oregon (Oregon/Idaho HIDTA)
  • Worcester County, Maryland (Washington/Baltimore HIDTA)

“The proven success of our HIDTA program is a direct result of the hard work of those on the frontlines of this fight, and the invaluable partnerships they’ve formed with law enforcement groups across the Nation. From day one, the Trump Administration has strongly supported the men and women dedicated to stopping deadly drugs from flowing into our communities, and we’re renewing that commitment once again today. By expanding our HIDTA program to these critical areas, we are providing more resources to help achieve our mission of keeping more of our family members, friends, and neighbors safe.” ONDCP Director Jim Carroll said.

In 2018, President Trump, through ONDCP, established the first new HIDTA program in 17 years to combat emerging threats in Alaska, bringing to completion the Administration’s effort to ensure that all 50 States receive funding through the program.

In 2018, HIDTA Program initiatives:

  • Dismantled nearly 3,000 drug trafficking organizations
  • Removed $16.5 billion in wholesale value of drugs from the street
  • Made nearly 99,000 arrests

For a map of HIDTA Program Counties, click HERE.