Washington, DC - Most Americans are tired.

Ask most any American and you will hear an array of reasons why we are tired. The answers range from long work hours to too many obligations.

Lots of things make us tired. We can become mentally tired. We all have things to think about and often we dwell on them. We think, we analyze, we worry and we wonder what tomorrow will bring. We ponder on personal problems, family situations, work issues, health battles. The list is almost never ending.

Americans deal with health issues and how to pay medical bills. People who have what seems to be guaranteed retirements even worry about the possibility that life could change for them. A good friend once told me his retirement was set until he was 90. “I’m 88,” he said. “When I become 90 I’m going to run out of money.” He lived to be 91. Many American s worry about outliving their money. Making more money if you live into your eighties has to be more difficult.

Overall, Americans are tired of all our problems. We’re tired of hearing about another killing. We are tired of hearing about our drug crisis. We are tired of hearing Washington and state politicians spout off about what they are going to do but all they do is get richer promising change, solutions and reform that never come.

Americans are tired of all the arguing we see on television and hear on radio. We know how many of our social media friends feel about the issues. Whenever an issue comes up it’s the same people talking the same rhetoric as before. We already knew how they felt before they said anything. However, some people talk and some people act. About the only action it seems that matters much is voting and it’s sad when some Americans are tired of all of it but they still won’t drag themselves to the polls and vote.

We hear a lot about reviving our economy and breathing more life into America’s work places. We need someone to breathe some life into the average American. Have you ever noticed how many people are walking around looking like they are about half dead? Too many Americans are zoned out, indifferent and zapped of human emotion and energy.

Jesus said, ”Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,” Matthew 11:28.

He was referring to an internal rest that no one or nothing else can give. He was referring to our spirit, the heart of our internal being. Many Americans and most of the world are trying to feed our souls with any and everything but it never satisfies us. There is rest for America and a peace that passes understanding. This rest and peace is only what God can give and the world can never take it away.

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