Washington, DC - The Navy announced a series of forthcoming administrative changes meant to foster a culture of excellence and assist the service achieve best-ever performance in NAVADMIN 188/19, released August 9.

Recognizing that some of the Navy’s current personnel processes, policies, and practices were established for a different environment and often lack the agility required for today’s fighting force, the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson directed the review to ensure the Navy remains a team composed of Sailors with strong character and professional expertise.

The Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell completed the comprehensive review which thoroughly looked at how the Navy documents and adjudicates civilian and military legal matters, and uses administrative processes to reaffirm service standards of performance. It also looked at processes and authorities that commanding officers have to ensure Navy core values are maintained in order to uphold the moral and ethical standards expected of Navy personnel.

Upcoming policy changes come as part of a broader Navy approach to encourage signature behaviors for individual and team excellence.

“Our continuing drive towards a Culture of Excellence requires that we maintain an unrelenting focus on demonstration of our signature behaviors, to engender trust and confidence within our ranks and with the American people,” said Nowell. “We are entrusted to maintain high standards of character and professional competence, and each commander and commanding officer is responsible and accountable to ensure our processes reinforce this mandate.”

While administrative changes outlined in NAVADMIN 188/19 are not immediate, they are expected to be revised and made authoritative in subsequent policy announcements. Changes incorporate revised processes for documenting non-judicial punishment and security violations, among others. The changes also seek to give commanding officers increased responsibility and ability to administratively provide the foundation for a culture of excellence.

“Measures that we have outlined in the NAVADMIN will help our Navy achieve best-ever performance, becoming more effective and lethal as individuals and teams,” said Nowell.

Administrative changes outlined include the following:

  • Documentation of Enlisted NJP
  • Administrative Letter of Reprimand (ALOR )
  • Report of No Misconduct
  • Reporting of Security Incidents
  • Reporting Tools
  • Officer and Enlisted Administrative Separation
  • Separation By Reason of Best Interest of the Service (BIOTS)
  • Delegation of Show Cause Authority
  • BOI Panel Membership

The NAVADMIN emphasizes that due process will still be paramount and that records will not be updated until legal matters are adjudicated.

While the changes are geared toward administrative efforts, Sailors at all levels are encouraged to help one another as one team achieve a culture of excellence.