Washington, DC - The Trump Administration just took a major step to expand health coverage options for individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

Over the past two decades, health savings accounts (HSAs) have helped Americans save for their medical care. However, for some patients, because HSA-eligible plans were prohibited from covering routine, preventative medicines to treat chronic conditions before reaching their annual deductible, the usefulness of HSAs has been limited. The Trump Administration issued guidance that expands the flexibility of HSA-eligible high-deductible healthcare plans (HDHP) for individuals with chronic conditions. These type of healthcare plans will now be able to cover, before the deductible, important preventive medical services or devices, such as insulin, inhalers, and statins. This change will expand access to low-cost healthcare that will prevent patients’ conditions from worsening, improve the quality of their treatment, and save them money.

This action is another example of how President Donald J. Trump is providing American patients with the affordability they need, the options and control they want, and the quality they deserve.