Washington, DC - "I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting edge industries of the future. This is not an option. This is a necessity." ~ President Donald J. Trump

AMERICA BUILDS THE FUTURE: For decades, the United States has led the world in inventing emerging technologies that improve our quality of life and produce high-paying jobs for American workers.

  • The United States is a Nation of thinkers, doers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Empowered by free markets and driven by bold ideas, Americans created an ecosystem of innovation that is the envy of the world.
  • As other nations work to catch up, President Donald J. Trump is maintaining American leadership with bold new strategies, key research and development (R&D) investments, and a relentless focus on reducing regulatory barriers to innovation.
  • President Trump is preparing the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. Through expanding apprenticeships, he has created a pathway for Americans to gain the education and skills they need to work in new and future industries.

INDUSTRIES OF THE FUTURE: Since his inauguration, President Trump has focused on four key technologies that promise to fuel American prosperity far into the future, while improving the security of our homeland. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI includes technologies that allow computers and other machines to learn from experience and complete tasks that have traditionally required human intelligence or reasoning. These innovations are quickly transforming American life and American business, improving how we diagnose and treat illnesses, grow our food, manufacture and deliver new products, manage our finances, power our homes, and travel.
    • President Trump has prioritized AI in many of our Nation’s most important strategic planning documents such as his National Security Strategy (NSS) – the first NSS ever to prioritize AI – and the 2020 R&D Budget Priorities.
    • President Trump formed the Select Committee on AI to plan and coordinate R&D efforts across the Government and ensure continued United States leadership in AI.
    • Recognizing the irreplaceable value of the American worker, the Trump Administration established the National Council for the American Worker to protect our greatest strength and address workforce changes caused by AI and automation.
  • Advanced Manufacturing: New manufacturing technologies drive American competitiveness and enable the economy to continuously improve by increasing productivity, producing technologically superior products, and forming entirely new industries.
    • In the face of intense global competition, President Trump unveiled a National Strategic Plan on Advanced Manufacturing that focuses on defending the economy, expanding manufacturing employment, and ensuring a resilient supply chain and strong manufacturing and defense industrial base.
  • Quantum Information Science (QIS): The semiconductors that power our smartphones, the GPS devices that enable navigation, and the images produced by an MRI machine are all examples of quantum science in action. Through developments in QIS, computers can handle new workloads and solve much more difficult challenges than traditional computers.
    • The President signed the National Quantum Initiative Act into law—this bipartisan legislation accelerates the development of QIS and brings a coordinated Federal approach for quantum R&D.
    • President Trump released the National Strategic Overview for Quantum Information Science to guide Federal QIS actions, including the establishment of a Quantum Economic Development Consortium to build the QIS industrial ecosystem.
  • 5G: The development and deployment of high speed, high capacity networks will spur innovation, enable cutting-edge technological advancements, and bring the benefits of connectivity to all Americans.
    • President Trump directed the development of a National Spectrum Strategy to guide policy decisions regarding the lifeblood of wireless networks.
    • The President took executive action to improve network infrastructure buildout by unlocking Federal lands and facilities for commercial use and streamlining the permit process for communications infrastructure on Federal lands.

INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE: President Trump calls for investment in visionary infrastructure projects to ensure American dominance in the Industries of the Future.

  • To retain American dominance in the Industries of the Future, the United States must invest in our infrastructure and in the American people here at home.
  • We must leverage the strength of our uniquely American R&D ecosystem, consisting of the Federal Government, private industry, colleges and universities, research institutions, and science philanthropies, to ensure American leadership in these industries.
  • With the President’s bold vision and targeted investments, our R&D ecosystem will be empowered to make technical strides that advance our prosperity and national security.