HSI Forensic Laboratory assists in exhibit preparation for "Securing the Homeland - ICE"

Washington, DC - Recently ICE unveiled a temporary exhibit at the Crime Museum in Washington, D.C. entitled "Securing the Homeland – ICE." Part of this exhibit includes artifacts from 9/11 in a display dedicated to that pivotal moment in history for both the nation and ICE.

To help prepare this part of the exhibit, ICE Office of Public Affairs partnered with the HSI Forensic Laboratory (HSI-FL). Established in 1978, the HSI-FL has evolved to provide a broad range of forensic, intelligence, and investigative support to ICE, DHS and many other U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies. HSI-FL personnel examine travel and identity documents for authenticity, process latent fingerprints for evidence, conduct polygraph examinations in support of investigations, and provide reference material and training on fraudulent document detection.

Utilizing this expertise in travel and identity documents, HSI-FL Operations personnel were able to create detailed replicas of four passports of the 9/11 hijackers. The actual passports were examined by HSI-FL forensic document examiners shortly after the events of 9/11.

"The HSI-FL is in a unique position to provide specialized support to ICE and other U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies, whether it be forensic document examination, fingerprint processing, examination and identification, polygraph examinations, or training in identifying fraudulent documents," said Steven Daugherty, the lab's director. "We are proud to be able to play a part in bringing this new project to fruition. It is a new and exciting way for us to inform the public how the men and women of ICE keep them safe every day."

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