Washington, DC - To the FTC and our 74 local, state, federal, and non-profit partners, March 2nd through 8th is National Consumer Protection Week.  But when you think about it, it’s a time for businesses to celebrate, too.  It’s just that National Shout-Out to Companies that Tell the Truth, Honor Their Promises, and Work Hard to Earn Customers’ Loyalty Week wouldn’t fit neatly on a button or banner.

Why do we honor "good guy" businesses during NCPW?  First, you're a hard-working executive for 8 (OK, 10 or 12) hours a day, but you, your employees, and your family are consumers, too.  The NCPW site is a year-round resource – think of it as Your Information Destination – with tips on buying something big like a house or a car, fighting back against identity theft, or making safe and sensible use of technology. 

Second, you've probably noticed, but con artists have businesses in their scammy sites, too.  Whether the bad guys are dunning for unordered office supplies or pitching bogus business opportunities, law enforcers go to court to shut them down and protect the interests of law-abiding members of the business community. The NCPW site has a special Your Business section with tips on spotting the latest B2B cons before they take a bite out of your business.

Third, when law enforcers challenge deception in the marketplace, we're protecting consumers, for sure.  But we're also fighting for your business.  How so?  Every dollar lifted from a consumer's wallet through deception is a lost sale for a reputable retailer.  We're all about vigorous competition, but if you're honoring your promises to consumers, you shouldn't have to go head-to-head with companies that illegally cut corners.  So a victory for truth in the marketplace is a victory for law-abiding companies, too.

NCPW only lasts a week, but the website never closes.  We hope you'll visit often to stay informed and involved.

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