FTC Proposes Revisions to Energy Labeling Rule To Reflect New Energy Department TV Testing Procedure

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission is proposing changes to its Energy Labeling Rule so that its television testing and reporting requirements conform with a new Department of Energy test procedure published in October.

Under the Energy Labeling Rule, manufacturers must attach yellow EnergyGuide labels stating an annual operating cost and an energy consumption rating, and a range for comparing the highest and lowest energy consumption for all similar models.  EnergyGuide labels appear on televisions, clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, room air conditioners, central air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and pool heaters.

The FTC proposes to replace the Rule’s reference to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR test with the DOE test that was announced in October.

For more information about EnergyGuide labels, read Shopping  for Home Appliances? Use the EnergyGuide Label.

The Commission vote approving the Notice amending the Energy Labeling Rule was 4-0.  It is available on the FTC’s website and as a link to this press release and will be published in the Federal Register soon.  (FTC File No. R611004; the staff contact is Hampton Newsome, Bureau of Consumer Protection, 202-326-2889)

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