Welcome to Competition Matters

Washington, DC - FTC: "Welcome to Competition Matters, the FTC’s newest blog for all things competition. We hope to become your go-to spot for the latest insights and events from the Bureau of Competition, the Bureau of Economics, and the Office of Policy Planning.

We’ll also have occasional missives from our Office of International Affairs on their work to build cooperative relationships with foreign enforcement agencies, and to promote sound approaches to common problems. Along the way, we’ll highlight offerings by competition folks throughout the agency that may not get front page attention. So if you’re a bit wonky about antitrust, or just want to better understand the FTC’s competition work, read along--you’re among friends."

What can you look forward to? 

  • The latest word on upcoming workshops and policy projects
  • Practical takeaways from our enforcement work for business owners and their counsel
  • Tips from our HSR specialists in the Premerger Notification Office  
  • Answers to questions we’ve found in our mailbag  
  • Reminders about opportunities to provide comments on proposed consent orders, rule revisions, or workshop topics 
  • Alerts on amicus briefs we’ve filed in competition cases
  • Links to various litigation filings, such as opening or closing statements
  • Information from time-tested (we don’t call them old) FTC publications that still provide solid guidance in today’s marketplace

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