FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Harmed by Robocallers

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 134 refund checks to consumers who lost money to a phony debt relief services scam that claimed it would dramatically reduce consumers’ credit card interest rates.  The scam operated under several names, including “AFL Financial Services,” and contacted consumers through robocalls that purported to be from “Card Services.”

More than $132,000 is being returned to consumers, each of whom will receive a refund of their full loss amount, ranging between $289 and $2,600.  Those who receive the checks from the FTC’s refund administrator should cash them within 60 days of the mailing date.  The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or to provide information before refund checks can be cashed.  Those with questions should call the refund administrator, Rust Consulting Inc., at 1-866-245-7027, or visit www.FTC.gov/refunds for more general information.

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