AMAC Membership Soars

Washington, DC - "The rapid growth of the Association of Mature Americans is consistent with the latest Gallup poll that measures the pride the country has in our nation's heritage," according to Dan Weber, AMAC's president.

Weber made the comment in announcing that the senior group's membership has been soaring in recent months.  "We've already reached the 900,000 member milestone and it's an extraordinary accomplishment in just a few short years, but America's seniors were hungry for an alternative."

A recent Gallup survey showed that 96% of respondents say they are proud to be Americans.  "These results are not surprising since a variety of polls show that Conservatives outnumber Liberals two to one and most of the older Americans among them are likely to gravitate toward organizations that eschew liberal agendas.  Up until the establishment of AMAC they had meager choices as regards affinity groups that reflected their values and principles.  In fact, that's why we created the Association of Mature American Citizens-because the prevalent senior organizations did not truly represent their beliefs.

Weber said that the success of AMAC is due to the fact that "we established ourselves as the Conservative alternative that sets its agenda according to the will of its membership.  It took us a while to achieve recognition, but our efforts on behalf of our membership, and the nation as a whole, have not gone unnoticed.  The word of mouth spread that finally there was a place for older Americans who care about what happens to the country."

He called AMAC a fledgling organization that is here to stay.  "We've earned the trust of the members we serve and will strive to continue earning their loyalty by staying true to our principles and the legacies of our Founding Fathers."

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