Congressman Vargas Demands Reporting Devastating Effects of SNAP Cuts

Washington, DC - Today, before the House Committee on Rules, Congressman Juan Vargas (D-CA) is introducing an amendment to H.R. 1947, the “Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FARRM) Act.” 

The amendment would require the Secretary of Agriculture to post on the Department of Agriculture website the number of individuals, families, children, veterans, and seniors who would lose SNAP benefits nationally, by state, and by Congressional district, as a result of the cuts made to the SNAP program by the FARRM Act.

“It is a disgrace that Members of Congress are willing to take food out of the mouths of hungry children, families, veterans, and seniors, as a means of reducing the deficit,” said Rep Vargas.  “We need to increase transparency and accountability by establishing a reporting system that shows how many people will be left struggling to buy food if their Representatives vote in favor of these devastating cuts to SNAP.”  

Currently, the number of people who will lose SNAP benefits is only available as a national estimate.  It is extremely difficult to find statistics on those losing benefits at the State or Congressional district level.  Moreover, the information available is not presented in a concise, user-friendly manner and does not break down the categories of people receiving and potentially losing benefits to include sub-sections, such as veterans and seniors. 

“As Members of Congress, it is our duty to protect those who elected us to represent them,” stated Vargas.  “Our constituents should have a simple and convenient way to see how SNAP cuts will affect their communities.”

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