Group Airs Radio Ads calling on Democrats to Hold Obama, Casey Accountable for Catholic "Persecution"

Washington, DC - Defending Our Faith has announced a "first wave" of radio ads in 21 media markets in 6 battleground states charging President Obama and 6 Democratic Senate candidates with abandoning Democratic Party traditions and "persecuting the Catholic Church."

The states are Pennsylvania (Sen. Bob Casey), Ohio (Sen. Sherrod Brown), Michigan (Sen. Debbie Stabenow) Missouri (Sen. Claire McCaskill), Florida (Sen. Bill Nelson) and Wisconsin (Rep Tammy Baldwin). The ads which will run on weekdays and weekends now through Election Day will be targeting a wide series of demographics including News Talk, Religious Programming, Catholic Stations and Sports (including sponsorship of a Green Bay Packers Game Broadcast).

"Without these Democrats' vote for Obamacare none of this would have been possible. They openly and unapologetically support a President who is persecuting religious believers and especially the Catholic Church." said Matt Mackowiak, spokesman for Defending Our Faith.

"Some of these Democrats like to say they disagree with the president on his order to Catholic hospitals. This is political duplicity gone brazen. They vote for the enabling legislation - then give themselves a tiny verbal parachute for the voters back home - and then keep the liberals in Washington happy by wholeheartedly supporting Obama for re-election."

"Because of Obama's actions - and those of his Democratic allies - people are asking: Can a Catholic vote Democratic? The real question is: Can any American who values religious freedom vote Democratic?" said Mackowiak. "We're asking Democrats to do what their Senate candidates haven't done - speak out against religious persecution and send a message to the liberal elitists running their party."

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