Harman Kardon Studio Onyx Test Drive

Imperial, California - Have you experienced Harman Kardon Studio Onyx first hand? It is a new wireless speaker that delivers the powerful sound and deep bass of four speakers in a compact and sleek package. And hearing is believing - this speaker packs a punch.

Harman Kardon generously provided me one to take for a test drive and I currently have it sitting in our kitchen. It has been whipped out to impress quite a few dinner guests as well as our routine breakfast dance parties.

The sound is great - very clear and crisp. With minimal volume I can hear it throughout my downstairs. What I like best of all is the effortless connection. Simply just power it on and touch the Bluetooth® button to connect to any Bluetooth-capable device. The hard part is the fight over whose playlist gets to dominate speaker time.

At first I was a little taken back by its size, but it is easily portable. My husband, AKA the accountant, moved it upstairs when he was painting our new baby’s room. He easily could have cranked the volume from downstairs and still had nice sound on the second floor. Once the weather warms up, I see this speaker getting a lot of backyard time.

Harman Kardon Studio Onyx is exclusively available from Sprint - yup that’s right you can only get this beauty in Sprint retail channels. While $399 (excluding tax) might seem like a steep price - it’s well worth the investment for a powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker that you can use throughout your home!

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