Give Your Home A Fresh Start - Interior Design Matters

Palm Springs, California (NAPSI) - By adding a touch of color, your home can be transformed into a beautiful oasis—and you can achieve it all by yourself.


To help master the art of interior painting, Ace Hardware’s Home Expert Lou Manfredini offers these easy-to-do painting tips:

Color Matters: Finding the right color can oftentimes be the most difficult part of the painting process. Manfredini recommends you select colors that you are drawn to and compare them at different times of the day, under different lighting conditions. This will allow homeowners to get a good feel for how each color will look in the home. Also, consider bringing home a paint sample to validate how it looks with the lighting and tones of the room.

The Art Is in the Tools: Invest in high-quality roller covers and brushes. Look for “woven” on the packaging, which provides superior, smooth coverage. For professional-grade paintbrushes, Manfredini recommends synthetic brushes high in polyester, such as Ace Supreme or Wooster’s Ultra Pro, because they are durable and hold their shape better.

The Right Paint Is Key: For years, professional painters have advised homeowners to use a primer. Now, new premium paint technology means there are paint and primers in one that provide the same professional look but in half the time. One of these new paints, Clark+Kensington is specially formulated to deliver a smooth, professional finish and superior stain resistance that saves homeowners time and money. Available exclusively at Ace Hardware, this paint line offers homeowners a sophisticated color palette of 120 colors that perfectly harmonize to create a cohesive flow throughout the home.

Preparation Is Everything: Preparation is 90 percent of a successful paint job. Cover and protect furniture and floors with drop cloths, take some time to fill holes and cracks with spackle and then sand the area smooth. Make sure to spot prime the spackled areas with paint+primer in one and allow to dry. Next, wipe down all the surfaces with a damp cloth and apply painter’s tape, such as Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape, to prevent paint from bleeding onto windows, doors and trim.

Paint Like a Pro: After prepping the space properly, you’re ready to paint. Start by giving your paint a good stir with a stirring stick until the paint is uniform in thickness and appearance. When using a paintbrush, start by holding the metal band around the brush securely. Dip the brush about a third into the paint. Next, paint the wall with horizontal and vertical strokes. For a roller, fill a tray with about one-half inch of paint and dip the roller into the paint using short strokes to ensure all areas of the roller are covered. Then, in three- to four-foot sections, apply the paint in a “W” pattern. Always finish with light vertical strokes.

Learn More: For more painting tips and advice, visit or stop by an Ace Hardware store.

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