Washington, DC - Ask Rusty - Railroad Retirement Benefits vs Social Security

Dear Rusty:  My neighbor was a long time employee of the railroad and has told me that he doesn't receive Social Security like I do, but rather gets Railroad Retirement Benefits which are, according to him, better than Social Security.  This irks me a little bit because I've worked my whole life paying those FICA taxes, so why should my neighbor have a better retirement benefit than me?  And just what exactly is this Railroad thing he's covered by? ~ Annoyed

Imperial, California - It happened on October 9, 1992 in the town of Peekskill, NY.  Eighteen-year old Michelle Knapp's 1982 Chevy Malibu was in a fender bender to remember that made headlines around the world, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Sacramento, California - If you didn’t buy petrol at the California service station, well, start tossing coins into the ol’ machine. Otherwise, you can head inside the gas shack and say you fueled up and need some air or water - for free.

Rochester, Minnesota - Kristin O'Meara's story, she says, is one of denial. It began with searing chest pain, a serious symptom Kristin understands well from three decades as a cardiology nurse at Mayo Clinic. But when that pain was in her own chest, Kristin had a hard time recognizing it for what it was.

Rochester, Minnesota - The sneeze is a useful reflex to rid your nose of irritants. Coordinated by a sneezing center in the lower part of the brain (also called the brainstem), sneezing involves elevation of the tongue and lowering of the palate, thus causing partial closure of the mouth, along with rapid expulsion of air from the nose and the mouth. The expelled air can reach speeds of thirty to forty miles per hour (or more).

Washington, DC - Ask Rusty - Government Pension Offset (GPO) Dear Rusty:  Several years ago the husband of a friend of mine died before he collected any of his Social Security.  She applied for widow benefits from his Social Security, but she was told that because she had never paid into Social Security and because she had a pension from her employer, she was not eligible to draw survivor's benefits on his Social Security. What has this got to do with her not getting his Social Security?  Please help us understand this.  ~ Helpful Friend