Obamacare 'victory lap' on April Fool's Day was premature

Washington, DC - "Was President Obama making an April Fool's joke on Tuesday when he touted the alleged success of Obamacare," asked Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Weber said the law has been "exposed over the past six months as one of the most flawed pieces of legislation ever enacted.  It was intended to provide health care insurance for the uninsured and half a year later there are more people without health insurance than ever before.  Meanwhile, the lives of just about every American have been disrupted.  Their original policies have been canceled to be replaced by new plans offered on the Obamacare exchanges with higher deductibles and premiums.  Many of us have lost access to our physicians and hospitals.  Finally, the law directly and indirectly targets the elderly, making it harder for them to get in-home care and life-preserving drugs."

The AMAC chief noted that the president, himself, has implicitly acknowledged the "folly of the so-called Affordable Care Act by using his Executive Powers to make dozens of last minute changes in the law.  Meanwhile, his liberal minions in Congress are disassociating themselves from the president and Obamacare lest their constituents turn on them in November."

It should be noted that Congressional Republicans have consistently been under fire from liberal supporters of Obamacare for their criticism of the law.  "Yet the president has adamantly refused to sit down with them for a serious and open-minded discussion of the weaknesses in the legislation.  This has made it almost impossible to fix the law, for the time being and without a major, bi-partisan solution it is possible that Obamacare will crumble under its own weight."

Weber pointed out that there are numerous issues that will continue to have a negative impact on the success of the Affordable Care Act.  He cites the contraceptive/abortion mandate, which is under review by the Supreme Court, and the anticipated spikes in premiums, even for those eligible for subsidies, as stumbling blocks.

"Ultimately, the joke may be on the president and his ill-conceived band aid that he pridefully calls Obamacare," Weber concluded.

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