We need a new energy policy 'It's about time we use the resources God gave us'

Washington, DC - "The U.S. sits on what is perhaps the biggest cache of oil and gas in the world, yet we cry poverty.  It's about time we use the resources God gave us to pull ourselves out of the hole we are in," according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Weber said he believes the federal government needs to reconsider its "green agenda" in the light of the technological progress the energy sector has made in the development of clean recovery systems.

"It's not only about jobs.  Indeed, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.6% and for five years in a row has ranked number one in job creation in the U.S. due entirely to the million barrels of oil a day it is producing on private lands.  But consider the fact that if we were to fully develop our vast national resources, it would have a profound, positive impact on the economy in general."

Worker compensation in North Dakota has soared as a result of the energy boom in the state.  "As Senator Ted Cruz noted in announcing his proposed American Energy Renaissance Act this week, those employed in the oil and gas industry there earn $49.90 an hour, Wal-Mart is paying workers at their stores $17.50 an hour and McDonalds offers $300 sign-up bonuses to new hires at their stores."

Cruz did not miss the opportunity to call on President Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  "If you are a Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging, Greenpeace activist, you should love the Keystone Pipeline."  He pointed out that not only would it create many new high-paying jobs, it would provide a safer option for transporting oil from Canada, a reference to the dangers of moving the oil by rail.

Weber concluded that "a lot has happened in the past decade to improve energy development prospects for the country.  Oil and gas exploration and recovery are safer for the environment than ever before and it will save our bacon as far as economic growth is concerned.  Creation of alternative fuels is a commendable goal, but it will take decades to become a reality-time we can't afford while there are so many people out of work, while our national debt soars unchecked, while our economy is in dire need of a jump start.  It's time that we begin to 'think bigger than Keystone,' as Ted Cruz put it."

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