Ask and you shall receive


Imperial, California - There are benefits to growing old.  For example, many restaurants, including both franchise and local stand-alone eateries, offer discounts to seniors, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.



But, too often, they don't advertise the fact, so ask your waiter or waitress when placing your order.  Even those establishments with no specific policies regarding senior discounts are apt to make an on the spot decision to reduce your final bill by five to ten percent if you ask.  Restaurants thrive on repeat business and offering a break to seniors is one way to turn you into a repeat customer.

It's the same at supermarkets and other chain stores, says AMAC.  Some even have special days when seniors get discounts.  Meantime, you can go online and search the Web for "senior discounts" before you go out; you'll be amazed at the variety of reduced price offerings that are out there for older Americans.

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