America is in a diplomatic slump

Washington, DC - If isolation is a diplomatic way of penalizing a rogue nation, why is the White House so intent on isolating the U.S., Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens asked.

"The Obama administration has spent nearly six years seeking to make the U.S. a kinder, gentler 'big brother' in an effort to create a new kind of American diplomacy.  Instead, he has diminished the international influence we once had.  The most recent example of just how ineffective and potentially dangerous this new approach to global leadership was the failed mission of Secretary of State John Kerry to broker a peace between the warring Israelis and the Palestinians," Weber said.

The AMAC chief said that Kerry was so intent on not offending the Palestinians that he forgot that Israel is the only ally we have in the Middle East on whom we can rely.  As a result the U.S. came under heavy fire from all quarters in the Jewish State.

The country's oldest newspaper, Haaretz, put it this way in a scathing editorial this week: "The Obama administration proved once again that it is the best friend of its enemies, and the biggest enemy of its friends. The man of peace from Massachusetts [John Kerry] intercepted with his own hands the reasonable cease-fire that was within reach, and pushed both the Palestinians and Israelis toward an escalation that most of them did not want."

In a previous editorial the newspaper had this to say: "Kerry isn't anti-Israeli; on the contrary, he's a true friend to Israel. But his conduct in recent days over the Gaza cease-fire raises serious doubts over his judgment and perception of regional events. It's as if he isn't the foreign minister of the world's most powerful nation, but an alien, who just disembarked his spaceship in the Mideast."

Weber said that he, too, believes that Kerry and the Obama administration were well-intentioned, "although somewhat misguided and satchel-footed," as he put it.

"Our country's dealings elsewhere in the Middle East - Libya, Syria, Iran and Iraq, for example - as well as our lack of initiative in the Ukraine-Russia conflict are further proof that we've become disengaged and isolated in the global arena.  I am no expert in diplomacy, but I can tell when a baseball player is in a slump and America is in a slump."

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