People Connect Being Tan With Being Healthy - The Opposite is True

Scottsdale, Arizona - There's been widespread concern  about the rising incidence of melanoma, which affects 75,000 Americans annually and results in nearly 9,000 deaths.

Researchers speculate the uptick may be connected to the popularization of tanning beds, and some states are even considering legislation that would prohibit minors from going to tanning facilities.

Mayo Clinic dermatologist Jerry Brewer, M.D., says, “There’s been a cultural trend for many decades in which people connect being tan with being fit and even successful.” The opposite is true. Dr. Brewer gives four ways to improve your chances of preventing skin cancer:

1. Avoid the use of tanning beds
2. Use sunscreen
3. Be familiar with your skin by performing frequent skin-self examinations
4. Check in with your dermatologist annually

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