Local Water Conservation and Veterans’ Transportation Bills by Asm. V. Manuel Pérez approved with bipartisan support on Assembly Floor

Sacramento, California - The office of Majority Floor Leader V. Manuel Pérez reports that two of his bills were approved today on the Assembly Floor:

AB 1896 Groundwater Protection:  Sponsored by the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD), AB 1896 helps protect local drinking water resources by expanding the use of non-potable water to irrigate landscaping in the Valley’s residential developments within the CVWD service area. AB 1896 is written to ensure that it does not increase water charges for the associations or the homeowners.  Currently CVWD is building a piping system for non-potable water to increase access to this water source in the district’s service area.

“With our state facing a historic drought, we all play a role in protecting local water supplies,” said Pérez. “Using non-drinkable water for landscape irrigation is one common sense action.  AB 1896 simply says that if Coachella Valley homeowners associations are able to use non-potable water for the irrigation of their common landscaped areas without raising rates, then it should be used.”

The bill passed with nearly unanimous support in a vote of 72-0.  It next moves to the State Senate.

AB 1565 Veterans’ Transportation Access:  AB 1565 is a measure aimed at facilitating access to information about veterans’ transportation service providers.  The bill would direct the California Department of Veterans Affairs to do an inventory of this information and post it to the CalVet website, making it accessible as well on its mobile phone application.  Having direct access to veteran transportation service providers in the state will help veterans more easily coordinate their health-related trips.

“Veterans’ transportation needs are largely met by locally-organized volunteer programs,” explained Pérez. “The decentralized nature of these programs means that there is no consistent delivery system or information access point for veterans to find out about them. AB 1565 proposes a simple solution to increase access to this information.”

The bill earned bipartisan support in a 57-13 vote.  The bill now heads to the State Senate.

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